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Learning about potential high schools is an exciting, but sometimes 具有挑战性的 process. As you prepare for the high school application process, we encourage you to learn about Fenwick, by attending an open house, scheduling a shadow day below and to send us your questions. We also hope that you will attend the many other events we host throughout the year such as athletic games and fine arts performances. Eighth graders who feel that Fenwick is the right fit and wish to apply, must take the Archdiocesan Entrance Exam at Fenwick in order to be considered for admission. The exam is held each year in early 12月ember.

If you ever require more information than is available on this website, please contact Cathy Kaszuba in the esball世博 Department at (708) 386-0127, ext. 109, or

You can also fill out an esball世博 Inquiry and we will be in touch with you.

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Upcoming Admission Events

Future Friar Days

Get the Fenwick Friar experience by signing up to be a Friar for a day. Future Friar Shadow Days are open to current 8th graders during Fall of 2023!


Meet current students, teachers, coaches, administrators and alumni! Our open houses are exciting events for parents and students alike. 短暂的, informative program and tours provide an in-depth look at campus life and all of the possibilities being a Fenwick Friar holds.

esball世博 Coffees

Start your day off with a nice cup of coffee and join our esball世博 team for a chat about all things Fenwick esball世博!
  • More dates coming soon!

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